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I am incredibly excited to announce that Kasia Jacquot, Embroidery artist, designer and teacher is returning to Mulberry and Flax.

Kasia’s work is exquisite and reflects her Polish background in her use of florals. Kasia’s workshops are anything but intimidating. She is a wonderful teacher – my Mum and I have attended her Christmas Decoration workshop and she is very patient!! If you are new to embroidery or would love the opportunity to stitch with a creative artist this is your chance.

We are offering 2 workshops, a morning and afternoon session. Come to either or both! We will host A Christmas Table Runner from 9:30 to 12:30 in the morning and Wool on Linen from 1:00 to 4:00 in the afternoon.

Here is a quote from Kasia’s blog that sums up her approach to creativity and teaching.

“Now here’s the thing at the heart of my work, the thing that brings me AS MUCH joy as seeing a finished project; convincing you and showing you that you can do the same. You see, most of us live through stories we tell ourselves in our heads. Those stories are divided into “I am this” and “I am not this”. Some of the “I am not this” are accompanied by: “I wish I WAS that but I’m not clever/talented/patient enough”. We place a wall between us and the thing we wish we could do or be and then spend the rest of our lives admiring others from a distance and sighing at our perceived inability to do the same. And the worst part is that in so many cases we just accept it because we have a belief that says that we don’t have the ‘talent’, the ‘gift’.”

BOOK NOW! Kasia’s previous workshops at Mulberry and Flax booked out quickly!


*These are 2 separate classes.

For more inspiration check out Kasia’s Pinterest – https://www.pinterest.com.au/kasiajacquot/