Cotton and Steel 100% cotton voile – blush + metallic

Cotton and Steel 100% cotton voile – blush + metallic


Fabric is sold in .25cm sections. If you select quantity 1 , you will receive a 25cm x 114cm section. If you select quantity 2, you will receive a 50cm x 114cm section etc

Price – $7.50 per 25cm

Width – 114cm

Cotton and Steel 100% cotton voile fabric. Perfect for garments that need a soft drape.


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Cotton and Steel was established in 2013 by the designers Melody Miller, Sarah Watts, Rashida Coleman-Hale, Alexia Abegg and Kim Kight. Cotton and Steel was known for its wonderful designs that were contemporary, quirky, occasionally retro and screen printed on beautiful quality cotton in Japan.

Care – This fabric doesn’t need to be pre-washed. Wash on a cotton cycle and dry inside out.

Sadly, the original designers have parted company with RJR Fabrics, who have retained the name. These are the last of my Cotton and Steel fabrics by the original designers.

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Weight50 g
Dimensions25 × 114 cm