Julie Steepe is the owner of Lucy Land farm at Bulehdelah, on NSW’s mid-north coast. Lucy Land came about when Julie’s pet sheep, Lucy, needed somewhere quiet to retire to after living in Newcastle for ten years.

Julie, a bookkeeper by profession, has increased her flock to 44 superfine merinos (approx 18 micron). All are named and live a life being lovingly cared for by Julie from the moment they are born. Julie raises her sheep with constant access to Pat Coleby minerals and using holistic management  based on the Joel Salatin principles of animal husbandry. They are ethically raised and chemical free. They are not mulesed and they keep their tails.

Julie has created a yarn that is very rare in Australia. It is 100% processed in Australia. After being scoured in Victoria, it is sent to Adagio Mills in Orange where it is spun into the glorious 8 and 4 ply skeins available exclusively at Mulberry and Flax.

Julie and her sheep visit Mulberry + Flax