The KPC yarn story began over 70 years ago in Shanghai. After a move to Macau in the 1950’s, the successful family tailoring business grew into Novotex. Through Novotex, KPC Yarn is able to manage the entire yarn production process, allowing for the attention to detail and quality control that produces the superb Novomerino range.

KPC Yarn is produced from the fleece of Gostwyck Merino sheep. Gostwyck is a property an hour or so south of Armidale in NSW’s New England Tablelands. The property was established by Henry Dangar and his wife, Grace in 1834 and is run today by their 5th and 6th generation direct descendants.

The Gostwyck Merino are Saxony merinos and produce Ultrafine fleece at the very top of the Wool Comfort spectrum. It has an average of 14.9 – 15,1 micron, which makes it as fine as cashmere and itch-free.

Gostwyck sheep are Happy Sheep. They are raised ethically and are non-mulesed. Gostwyck ceased the practise of mulesing in 2005 and are now 100% mules-free. They live off pastures that have are environmentally and ecologically sustainable.

Gostwyck Merino is also sold to Jaegar, an International fashion designer and retailer for over 130 years.

Mulberry and Flax is the only NSW stockist of this gorgeous yarn.