Mt Bodangora

The Merino sourced for Great Southern Yarn, is grown at  Mount Bodangora in the Wellington District, south of Dubbo, NSW. Mount Bodangora is owned by the Lyons family and operated by David Lyons, his son Michael Lyons and Grandson Nick Lyons. The Lyons family have been running Merino sheep for 6 generations. Twenty years ago the family moved to adopt a breeding system known as Soft Rolling Skin (SRS) merinos. This has resulted in the soft handling and strong wool that is being produced by the 8,000 merino sheep on the property. Nearly two decade ago as a result of the SRS system the family ceased muelsing sheep having resolved the issues surrounding body and breach fly strike by way of genetic selection though the flock.

The wool at Mount Bodangora is ethically produced and sustainably grown. Having recently adopted the “SustainaWOOL” integrity scheme; with the highest level of accreditation run by New England Wool on behalf of Italian woolen mills and there stakeholders, which ensures that the highest ethical standards are taken with both the sheep and the environment in which they live.        

The flock continues to improve in its wool quality and quantity, through genetic gain the flock has been able to produce an entire fleece in just 6 months without compromise to length or softness of the woollen fibre, opposed to the traditional once a year sheering that most farms undertake.

The Lyons family is “dyed in the wool” when it comes to the pure, luxuriously soft and fine merino wool that the property produces.